Halloween Cupcakes: Yellow Cake, Chocolate Cake, Buttercream Icing

Alpha Delta Pi Bid Day Cake; 8 layers, four tiers. Alternating chocolate and yellow cake, buttercream icing.

2 layers; vanilla cake with buttercream icing and fondant. Decorations all molded from fondant.

6 layers, 3 tiers; Yellow, Chocolate, Red Velvet. Buttercream icing covered in fondant, all decorations molded from fondant.

2 layers; Chocolate with chocolate ganache filling, buttercream icing, chocolate fudge sauce drizzled on top.

Poker chip cake; marble cake, butter cream icing covered in fondant. All decor is stenciled and cut out of fondant.
Chocolate Grooms Cake: Chocolate Fudge cake, chocolate buttercream, mocha buttercream accents, chocolate and white chocolate dipped strawberries with chocolate and white chocolate shavings on top.

Giant Cupcake: Golden yellow cake, chocolate buttercream, semisweet chocolate chips

Purple and green buttercream icing with Halloween theme sprinkles for a Halloween birthday